A seasoned Sports Injuries Rehabilitation expert with 15 years of rich experience. Has been successfully helping all kinds of sports injuries patients, falling within the scope of physical therapy.

Key Skills:

Dr. Mohit Gusain                                                     MPT (Sports Rehabilitation), MIAP, COMT, CMT

International Ergonomics Expert & Manual therapy Teacher

Dr. Mohit has been trained as a Physical therapist.

In addition to his post graduation in Sports & Athletic injuries Rehabilitation, he is certified in Mulligan’s Manual therapy concepts from  New Zealand school of Manual therapy.

He is a joint mobilization expert who has garnered his specialties in past 15 years from different schools of Kinesiology & Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

A dedicated physical therapy and Sports injuries rehab expert, Dr. Mohit is committed towards effective rehab and pain management through non invasive methods treatable by physical therapy.

Being a seasoned clinic practitioner and manual therapy teacher for various institutions and corporate (Globally), Dr. Mohit believes there is an utmost requirement of continued education of patients, therapists, and the society by large.

He and his team has successfully trained over 1800+  Manual therapist through Manual therapy hands on workshops where every participant goes through a 10-15 days of a detailed and in depth practical discussion and demonstration.

Through 15 years of rich experience, it is his firm belief that:

A dedicated Pediatrics and Women’s health physical therapy and rehabilitation expert with 11 years of rich experience.

Key Skills:

Dr. Vinkal Gusain                                                     MPT(Pediatrics & Women Health), MIAP, CMT, NDT

Certified Lactation Counsellor-AIIMS Delhi

Certified Pre/Post Pregnancy Care Rehab & Physiotherapy Expert

Dr. Vinkal has been trained as a Physical therapist.

In addition to her post graduation in Pediatrics and Women’s health Rehabilitation, she is a certified specialist in Pediatrics Neuro developmental techniques.

In addition to a Pre & Post Pregnancy Care physiotherapy expert, she provides regular Lactation Consultation & counselling to needy Post Partum mothers.

As a devoted women’s care physical therapy expert, Dr. Vinkal believes there are multiple roles a woman has to play in day to day life which leaves her with less time for her own self. Females have a natural tendency to place their own needs beneath family’s requirements thus ignoring own health.


She and her team has been educating individuals and therapists through specific health and awareness programmes during past 10 years.

Dr. Vinkal firmly believes based on her practice based evidence that Physiotherapy can help identify and eliminate the fall risk factors thereby preventing fractures in elderly women by balance training and core strengthening.

She and her team works in very close association with the medical team to design a tailor made ante natal and post natal program for expecting mothers, depending on the needs and assessment.

Dr. Mandeep Rawat                                            BPT, MIAP, CMT

Dr. Mandeep has been trained as a Physical therapist.

He is a certified manual therapist and comes to PhyZion with variety of experiences in the field of joint mobilization and post surgical rehabilitation.