ACL Rehabilitation after Reconstruction Surgery

Sports Injury Rehab

With any sport comes the risk of an injury. Sports injuries occur daily and range from minor to major injuries that could keep you from playtime. If you get an injury, it is important to have it checked right away to prevent further damage.

This is where sports rehabilitation comes in to help. 

At PhyZion, we provide rehabilitation & physical therapy that treats people of all ages who have musculoskeletal system pain, injury, or illness.

With the use of very specific exercise, movement, and therapeutic interventions, our sports rehabilitation helps you maintain health and fitness and recover from injury and reduce pain at the earliest.

Manual therapy & Mobilization

From a Physiotherapy perspective, manual therapy is an essential & commonly used treatment method for the management of tissue, joint and movement dysfunction. There are several different main stream approaches to manual therapy. At PhyZion, we pursue an integrated approach of different Manual therapy styles and mobilization techniques for quick pain relief.

Joint stiffness is the sensation of difficulty moving a joint. Joint stiffness often accompanies joint pain and/or swelling. It can be caused by injury or disease of the joint like arthritis. However joint stiffness can also be a result of surgery.  

At PhyZion, We focus on the integral biomechanical functionality of the joint involved in the situation and  mobilize it in a peculiar method. Results achived are fully satisfactory and as desired.

Sports Taping for correction of Patellar Tracking

Sports Taping

Kinesiology or Sports taping is an umbrella term for any athletic ribbon or bandage that’s strapped to a part of the body that has been injured or inflamed in some way.

The strategic placement of the tape helps in speeding up healing and provide support to the injured area as it heals.  

Although it’s easy to get excited about a non-invasive pain management product, especially if you’re a chronic sufferer, however in order to get the maximum benefit from athletic tape, we suggest consulting with your physiotherapist first.

Not only will they be able to determine if athletic tape is suitable for your injury, they will also be able to show how to wear it properly. 

Pediatric Physiotherapy for Delayed Milestones & other Developmental Difficulties.

Physiotherapy treatment improves motor developmental milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking and physical development such as balance, coordination and mobility. Physiotherapy also promotes correct positioning, and provide fun and stimulating exercises to gain postural stability and coordination.

At PhyZion, we aim aim to increase physical development by helping children achieve their milestones as soon as possible. 

Assessment of Diastatis Recti, a common problem after Delivery 

Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapy

Women’s health physiotherapy helps treat women’s health issues such as incontinence, pelvic/vaginal pain, prenatal and postpartum musculoskeletal pain, osteoporosis, rehabilitation following breast surgery, lymphedema, education prevention, wellness and exercise and so much more.

At PhyZion, we tailor an exercise plan to help you improve a variety of symptoms caused by women’s health concerns. 

For example, bone density naturally decreases during menopause. So, our physio can help you strengthen your bones and improve your bone health through exercise.

Additionally, strengthening your pelvic floor, especially during and after pregnancy, is a huge component of women’s health physiotherapy. Pregnancy and childbirth obviously put a lot of stress on your pelvic floor and it’s essential to strengthen this area as much as possible. It’ll not only help you during childbirth but also can help prevent incontinence, prolapse and other pelvic floor related issues.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation for Lymphadenopathy, after Breast Removal Surgery