Right Quadriceps weakness after ACL reconstruction Surgery

Muscle wasting / Weakness

Muscle wasting OR atrophy OR weakness, is a secondary condition to a disease, injury, or no physical activity, making it difficult to move an arm or leg. Muscles waste away and look very thin or weak.  Over time without regular movement, the arm or leg can start to appear smaller and thinner.

Muscle wasting is usually caused by lack of physical activity.  However, some other reasons for muscles weakness can be:

Physiotherapy plays a major role in the management of muscle wasting.

It can help with muscle weakness, since physiotherapy aims to improve and maximize function. This includes optimizing the physical abilities through movement and exercise.

Even if patients can’t actively move certain joints in their body, they can still do exercises wearing a splint or brace.

Physiotherapy can:

What Type of Physiotherapy Treatments can help in Muscle wastings?

There are a variety of modalities which can be used to treat patients who have muscle weakness. The treatment selection is chosen upon the outcome of the assessment and the clinical judgment of an experienced Physiotherapist. Some of the treatments may include

Muscle wasting can decrease a person’s independence and prevent them for participating in their normal activities of daily living. It can also predispose joints to injury through, over exertion and instability of joints.

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