At PhyZion, we  provide detailed & advanced physical therapy services to individuals & populations to develop, maintain, & restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan. 

We help you identify and maximize the quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, and rehabilitation.

At PhyZion, our mission is to provide personalized, high quality care on an, as needed or preventive basis. We have created a practice that we believe in, and choose for our own family members.

We are a full service rehabilitation unit of dedicated and experienced Manual therapists providing advanced physical therapy and end to end rehabilitation in circumstances where movement and functions are compromised by ageing, injuries, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors.

Our scope of Physiotherapy services is extended throughout in OPDs as OUT patient as well as in IPDs as IN patient departments. As indicated, patients in our critical care and ICU set ups are provided with full time physiotherapy and rehabilitation for bed mobility, ambulation, limb exercises, and chest physical therapy.

We also believe in educating our patients as we work with them to achieve the best physical state as possible. Each Manual therapy professional is certified & licensed  by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists and comes to our practice with years of experience in their areas of specialty.

At PhyZion, our certified therapists always consult with the attending physician/surgeon prior to working with each patient in order to provide informed, consistent care at all times. 

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