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Upcoming Manual therapy Workshop : 6th May to 11th May, 2024

Venue: Dehradun

Manual therapy Hands on Practice & Live Workshop

(Minimum Duration-6 Days)

An integrated approach of Mulligan, Maitland, Kaltenborn, and McConnell, in application of Advanced Manual therapy


Restoration of Faulty Biomechanics

Dr. Mohit has 15 years of rich experience in practicing and teaching Manual therapy concepts to students, physiotherapy practitioners, and patients throughout and outside India.

He is one of the Chief Physiotherapists for Dr. Jitendra Maheshwari and Dr. Vikram Mhaskar's patients (Famous and Finest Surgeons in the country and authors of famous book : Essential Orthopedics by J Maheshwari & Vikram Mhaskar) 

Dr. Mohit is also associated with hospitals and is in close association with other Orthopedic surgeons too.

These long term relationships with experts of Orthopedic Surgeries, has helped Dr. Mohit understand the depths of Orthopedic and Sports Injuries.

His experience brings best explanation of Sports Injuries Rehab Team, including the exact understanding of a Surgeon's point of view and his expectation in any Orthopedic trauma or Sports injury rehab after the surgery.  

With Dr. Jitendra Maheshwari

A detailed and intensive study of Faulty Biomechanics in human body and application of various styles of Manual therapy for its correction.

Dr. Mohit and his team has been conducting these workshops since 2011 and overall more than 1000 physios have been benefitted by these hands on live workshops.

Having been closely associated with Surgeons and their teams, Dr. Mohit brings variety of surgeon's expectations to these workshops which gives edge to young physios and those already in the market by knowing exactly what an Orthopedic Surgeon expects out of the Rehabilitation after a successful total knee replacement or an ACL reconstruction or Post TLIF Spine surgery in spine.

The Workshop consists of (but not limited to):

And much More  ...................

Contact for details  :  9205829841